Our Values

1. Respect:

We respect the dignity and autonomy of each person, and the integrity, privacy, beliefs, and cultures of our varied constituencies—the people we serve, our employees, donors, partners and others. Policies that govern our working relationships with these constituencies reflect this commitment. We listen to the ideas and opinions expressed by others. We treat others as we would wish to be treated.

2. Accountability & Transparency:

Accountability and transparency are the important cornerstones of our work- with regards to partners, the general public, and donors. “We will act consistently with our mission, being honest and transparent in what we do and say and accept responsibility for our collective and individual actions”.

3. Partnership & Synergies:

LASOONA believes on working at an equal level with target groups, where people are not just on the receiving end rather they are giving back to the community at large. 
We work with others to build effective networks and partnerships to support our mission.

LASOONA affirms to be committed to the well being of masses through promoting ecologically sound developement in impoverished pockets of Pakistan in general and Khyber Pukhtunkhwa and FATA in particular.