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Date : Oct 18, 2010
USAID|Pakistan sponsored project distributed agriculture micro grants amongst 1407 conflict affected families of the Malakand region through its implementing partner; LASOONA: Society for Human and Natural Resource Development from 15-19 of October, 2010 in Guljabba Kabal, Swat.The micro grants distribution event  is  part of the US government supported initiatives to help the conflict a .... View Detail
Date : Sep 06, 2010
    LASOONA in collaboration with Oxfam-GB is distributing cash grants to the flood affected families of District Swat.Under the project, 5000 families or 40000 individuals would be targeted for the cash grants support. Each family will be given Rs. 5000 (59 USD). .... View Detail
Date : Aug 31, 2010
    LASOONA with the support of Sign of Hope-Germany distributed 365 food packages to the flood affected people of Swat.The beneficiaries are the flood affected families living in upper Swat, Khyber Pukhtunkhwa Pakistan. A total of 365 families, consisting of 2900 individuals who lost their houses along with their belongings in the flood or who lost food items in the flood were targ .... View Detail
Date : Aug 06, 2010
LASOONA: Society for Human & Natural Resource Development- a local NGO and in partnership with Oxfam-GB initiated Emergency Flood Response Project from 30th July. The project will carry out Water, Sanitation and Hygiene activities in worse affected Union Councils of Swat.In first phase of the project clean water tankers having the capacity of 16000 gallons of water have been deployed and the s .... View Detail
Date : Aug 01, 2010
LASOONA: Society for Human & Natural Resource Development is the first NGO among the humanitarian agencies in collaboration with its partner Oxfam-GB, who started its response to flood affected communities.LASOONA's Response to Swat Flood In the first place LASOONA has provided clean drinking water through tankers to the affected union councils of Swat. On August 1, we have provided about 8,00 .... View Detail
Date : Jun 24, 2010
LASOONA: Society for Human & Natural Resource Development has distributed about 2000 cheques amounting to Rs. 10,000/- each among the inhabitants of Union Councils of Tindodag and Barikot.Under the Cash Grant program, about 3200 cheques will be distributed in two Union Councils namely Tindodag and Barikot. A similar program has already been completed in Union Council Banr/Engaroderai where 160 .... View Detail
Date : Jun 10, 2010
Lasoona, a local NGO is supporting farmers in Swat by providing coupons for Rs 12,000 worth of agricultural equipment. The Lasoona project manager says it is up to the farmers to decide what to buy from specified shops in Mingora. The report also hears from farmers who say they have bought fertilizer, tools, and a sewing machine.For details: Log on to .... View Detail
Date : Jun 02, 2010
Farmers were badly affected by the recent conflict in Swat, as their crops and fields were completely destroyed. Lasoona is one of the NGO’s working in Janu, Kwazakhela to help farmers revive the agricultural sector. Lasoona helps farmers buy seeds, fertilizers, tools and other items, and also offers cash for work programs. They also provide assistance to women doing handicrafts so they can also .... View Detail
Date : Apr 12, 2010
LASOONA: Society for Human & Natural Resource Development under its project "Emergency early livelihood recovery for conflict-affected people in Swat" has distributed 986 goats (Barbari) and 20 cows of indigenous breed (Achai) among 491 most vulnerable people (88 females and 403 males) of UC Bara Bandai. In addition, improved animal feed (vanda) and mineral supplements (molasses blocks) have a .... View Detail
Date : Dec 24, 2009
LASOONA: Society for Human & Natural Resource Development has distributed cash grant of Rs. 10,000/- each among the 1280 beneficiaries of Union Council Ban/Engaroderai.Under the Cash Grant Program, LASOONA will target 1600 beneficiaries of Union Council Banr/Engaroderai for Rs. 20,000/- in two equal installments. .... View Detail
LASOONA affirms to be committed to the well being of masses through promoting ecologically sound developement in impoverished pockets of Pakistan in general and Khyber Pukhtunkhwa and FATA in particular.