Thematic Area:

Humanitarian Response

  Project Period:

January 2023-March, 2024

  Donor Agency:

MSC Pakistan/MSC Foundation

  Project Locations:

Distt. Lower Kohistan, KP

Project Description:

Overall goal: Contribute to minimize human suffering by providing immediate life-saving assistance to communities affected by floods.

The interventions aim to provide access to safe drinking water to people affected by floods by rehabilitating communal and public water supply schemes. Schools damaged in floods will be targeted for rehabilitation of WASH infrastructure including construction of latrines, hand washing points and rehabilitation of water supply. There will be awareness raising campaigns on hygiene and sanitation, including Menstrual Hygiene management (MHM). Hygiene kits will be provided to vulnerable households.

Outcome 1: People affected by crisis access lifesaving WASH assistance appropriate and relevant to their immediate needs.

Outcome 2: Water and sanitation infrastructure réhabilitâtes in flood affected schools to protect children.