Thematic Area:

Local Governance

  Project Period:

August, 2017-August, 2022

  Donor Agency:

Welthungerhilfe/European Union

  Project Locations:

Distt. Swat, Shangla, KP

Project Description:

Project Goal:

Enhancing CSOs’ contributions to governance and development processes in Pakistan.

Project Purpose.:

To contribute to an improved governance and development process and social cohesion in Pakistan.


Specific Objectives:   

Objective 1: Enhanced contribution of Pakistani CSOs in Districts Shangla and Swat with regards to local governance, accountability, social development processes at sub national and local level.

Objective 2: Improved performance of Pakistani local governments in districts Shangla and Swat as actor of local governance and development.

Expected Results:

  •  Systematic access to quality socio-economic empowerment services is improved /enabled.
  • Operating environment for CSOs to contribute to local democratic governance is improved.
  • Capacities of CSOs in policy dialogues, governance and accountability are strengthened
  • Institutional and operational capacities of local governments to execute their mandate are improved.
  • Downward accountability and transparency of local governance towards local communities is increased.
  • Established mechanisms to engage local governments in dialogue with sub-national and national authorities, citizens and other relevant stakeholders (multi-level governance approach), with emphasis on transparent decision-making at local levels.