Thematic Area:

Food Security & Sustainable Livelihoods

  Project Period:

April, 2008-December, 2009

  Donor Agency:


  Project Locations:

Distt. Shangla & Kohistan

Project Description:

LASOONA- Society for Human and Natural Resource Development entered into a partnership with the Deutsche Welthungarhilfe/ German Agro Action (WHH/GAA) for the implementation of 21 months follow up project for the livelihood improvement of 7 earthquake affected union councils of district Shangla and Kohistan. It was a follow up project of the ALRP focusing on the rehabilitation and development of the target communities affected in the earth quack. The project interventions were planned to contribute to four results. Under the result one 7 target villages prepared their INRM plans.

Project Goal:  Assist the farming communities improve their livelihood status through increased farm productivity and efficient management of natural resources

Project Components:   

  1.   Integrated Natural resource Management.

    Community groups have acquired improved skills for increases productivitity in cereal, horticulture, apiculture, and livestock though capacity building and have developed productive linkages with market.

     2. The target groups have realized the importance of farm forestry in project context, developed sites for agro-forestry plantation and are actively engaged in post care and management of sites

      3. The implementing partner (LASOONA) has built capacity of its human resources for effective and efficient implementation of the overall organization program leading to greater organizational sustainability;

Project Achievement:

  • Developed seven Integrated Natural Resource Management (INRM) plans for selected villages in the seven union councils of the project area in participatory events
  • Total 101 check dams were constructed and ensured the protection of 503 Acres lands of 445 Households.
  • Total 8 irrigation Channels were constructed and ensured the protection of 931 Acres cultivated land of 579 households.
  • Maize and Wheat seeds were distributed. 
  • 15 different Demonstration plants of Cereal crops were established and capacity was built in cereal crops.
  • Established Model Fruit orchards, off-season vegetable plots and introduced high values vegetables.
  • Established Demonstration plots of fodder and practically demonstrated hay and silage making.
  • Reseeding in Rangelands was also done.
  • Established Crop Rotation Demo Plots and intercropping demonstration plots
  • Slopping Agriculture Land Technology Related interventions conducted.
  • Conduction of Training on Honey Bees Rearing and Improved Mud Hive Demonstration
  • 2 Training conducted on Improved Marketing Techniques
  • Product Promotion through Marketing Trials
  • 1 Shop Displayed at Pattan Kohistan of (Honey Bee)
  • 1 Exposure Visit of the Trained Individuals conducted
  • 86 Training in Compost Making arranged and conducted
  • Agro forestry and Hillside plantation conducted in the project area.
  • Training in Agro Forestry Techniques   
  • 2 Nursery raised of Agro Forestry plants