Thematic Area:

Food Security & Sustainable Livelihoods

  Project Period:

March, 2015-June, 2019

  Donor Agency:

PPAF/Italian Fund

  Project Locations:

Distt. Swat, KP

Project Description:

 Poverty reduction through the creation of sustainable conditions of social and economic development, including income and production capacity increase.

Social structure and community organizations strengthened, with increased empowerment of the local communities and increased capacity of relating with central institutions, other organizations and markets.

Effective social safety net establishment in favor of the populations’ poorest groups, women, children, old people and disables especially.

Local productive infrastructures (water infrastructures, civil and energetic works, access to markets, wells, roads, pipelines, power grids, etc…) built and functioning.

Access of local population to the basic social and health services, including education obtained.

Access to microcredit for the poorest members of the population, women especially, available.

Partner Organizations and other credit intermediaries strengthened, credit management capacity of local beneficiaries improved.

Program Components

  1. Social Mobilization:

Empowering of the local populations. Establishment, support and strengthening of grassroots community- based organizations and facilitation of their grouping at higher levels (Villages and departments) and fortification of their ability to communicate with the provincial and central governments.

  1. Livelihood Enhancement and Protection:

Protection of the weakest sectors of the population through the creation of social safety nets capable of responding to the most immediate basic needs.

  1. Construction and improvement of Small-scale Community Infrastructures

Construction and improvement of small-scale community infrastructures such as irrigation systems, aqueducts, wells, power lines, etc.

  1. Establishment of Basic health and Educational services, including primary schools and basic health units.