Meraj Khan

Program Assistant

Mr. Meraj Khan did his Graduation from University of Peshawar, Pakistan. After completion his F.Sc, he started his professional career in 1996 and joined M/S Shuaib Sons Publishers and Printers and other local Printing Press. M/S Shuaib Sons Publishers and Printers is a local firm for Books, Leaflets, Broaches, Magazine and other publishing documents, where he was practicing of writing articles for the local newspapers.
After getting experience in the designing sector, Mr. Meraj Khan joined LASOONA-Society for Human and Natural Resource Development, as Computer Operator/Admin Assistant in year 2003. After serving LASOONA for one and half year, he was promoted as Program Assistant. Mr. Meraj Khan initiated staff ID cards in LASOONA-BARANI staff and till now developing it for all LASOONA staff. He was awarded for his best performance with LASOONA as Program Assistant in the year 2006.
The strengths of Meraj Khan is graphic designing, so he is designing all the organizational publication like Annual Reports, Projects Reports Title, brochures, leaflets, labels and newspapers advertisements. He also takes snaps of different projects activities and events.
Next to this, he has facilitated a number of training, workshops and seminars organized by LASOONA. He is proficient in Urdu, Pashto and English . He was born in 1979, and married in 2001.

  • Phone: + 096
  • Email: #
  • Working Area: Workshops, Seminars, Clerical
  • Nationality: Pakistani