Thematic Area:

Humanitarian Response

  Project Period:

September-December, 2022

  Donor Agency:


  Project Locations:

District Swat

Project Description:

Alleviate human suffering by providing immediate life-saving WASH & shelter assistance to communities affected by floods in District Swat

The intervention will aim to provide access to safe drinking water, basic shelter & winterization kits to people affected by floods. Adequate and culturally appropriate sanitation facilities will be provided in the targeted areas. Non-food items including Hygiene Kits, Mensural Hygiene Management (MHM) dignity kits and water containers (Jerry Cans) will be distributed among the affected people. Basic Shelter & winterization kits will be provided to the affected households as the winter is fast approaching. There will be awareness raising campaigns on hygiene and sanitation, including MHM. A total of 15,066 individuals (1,800 HH) will be reached through this intervention in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. 

 Project Achievements :

  • 1,800 hygiene kits, 3,600 Jerry cans, 500 MHM kits and 500 winterization kits have successfully been distributed among target beneficiaries.
  • Hygiene sessions at communal level conducted in which 1,836 individuals (both male and female) participated. Similarly 27 MHM sessions conducted with women of reproductive age, covering 687 women/girls.
  • 10 communal DWSS have been rehabilitated and handed over to concerned communities. The rehabilitated DWSS are providing clean drinking water to 6,529 beneficiaries. Post water quality monitoring reports confirmed that the water is safe for human intake. Data of completed schemes shared with PHED, AC Bahrain, TMA Bahrain and AD local government.
  • 20 Pit latrines have been installed at communal/HH level, benefiting 265 individuals
  • Debris clearing campaigns undertaken benefiting 1,195 hh.