Thematic Area:

Humanitarian Response

  Project Period:

July, 2010-December, 2010

  Donor Agency:


  Project Locations:

Distt. Swat, KP

Project Description:

The militancy in Swat and the operation against the militants in the area resulted in insurmountable hardships for a huge population of the area. The conflict situation resulted in huge migration of masses to down districts of the province and other parts of the country .Majority of the people shifted to the district Mardan, Nowshera, Peshawar, Charsada and Swabi. It left a trail of heavy infrastructural damage, human losses, and a severe economic crisis in the war affected region. Eventually, as a result of successful operation, Swat was freed from Militants.

Return of such a gigantic population of IDPs was a big challenge for Pakistan. Because their resettlements, their basic needs like food, shelter for many people, schooling, health facilities and their livelihood restoration was a great problem in the wake of large scale destruction caused at hands of the militants and as a result of the Military Operation against them. However, different National and International humanitarian organizations came to the Swat for providing relief and rehabilitation to the masses of the Swat and Launched different Recoveries Program to recover the livelihoods of the masses of Swat.

LASOONA Society for Human and Natural Resource Development initiated “Malakand Livelihoods Recovery Project” in 3 Union Councils of Tehsil Kabal Swat-KPK as a result of a Memorandum of Understanding with Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA) Pakistan. These Union councils were Kabal, Shah Dherai, and Kalakalay and were selected in consultation with PDMA-PaRRSA based on the magnitude of the severe effect of the insurgency on these areas and their economy. Since, it was not carpet coverage and limited numbers of only conflict-affected households were to be benefited from this project and hence a strict criterion was agreed with USAID Entrepreneurs and PaRRSA for selection of the most affected household. The process of selection was highly transparent and participatory through a logical hierarchy or a well-systematic array of the different supplementary and complimentary activities so as to ultimately reach to the main accomplishments/objectives.

 Project Goal:   To mitigate the adverse effects of socio-economic situation in the lives of marginalized communities

Project Objectives: To help 2400 conflict-affected families through in-kind micro-grants assistance.

Project Components:

LASOONA had designed three types of the packages under this project so that the conflict affectees should be having reasonable choices in prioritizing their needs. A single deserving beneficiary was allowed to benefit from only one package. The placement of a beneficiary for a particular package of micro grants was based on the damage assessment of a person, his background and experience in a particular livelihood field and accordingly his selection for the required micro grants in-kind inputs. Brief composition of packages is given below;

Package – 1

  • Vegetable seeds (peas 2kgs & onion 1.5 kgs)
  • Cereal seeds (wheat one bag of 50 kgs)
  • Fertilizers (Urea one 50 kgs bag, DAP two 50 kgs bags)
  • Tools (2 pieces of hand hoe, 1 sickle, 1 small weeding and hoeing digger, 1 land fork, 1 spade and 1 matox)
  • Sewing machine(one)

Package – 2

  • Seeds of vegetables (peas & onion)
  • Fertilizers (Urea)
  • Tools (2 pieces of hand hoe, 1 sickle, 1 small weeding and hoeing digger, 1 land fork, 1 spade and 1 matox)
  • One goat
  • Six poultry (Layers
  • Vaccination and De-worming                                 

Package –3     

  • 1 Goat
  • 10 Poultry (Layers)
  • 1 bag feed for Poultry
  • Vaccination and De-worming

Project Achievements:

  • Distributed 800 packages in Union Council Bara Abakhel including the following items.
    (Urea, DAP, Seeds of (wheat, onion, peas), Goats, Agriculture tools, Poultry birds, Poultry feed and Sewing machines.)
  • Distributed 1407 packages in Union Council Shah Derai and Kala Kalay including the following items.
    (Urea, DAP, Seeds of (wheat, onion, peas), Agriculture tools and Sewing machines.)
  • Distributed 193 packages in Union Council Shah Derai and Kala Kalay including the following items.
    (Goats, poultry birds and poultry feed).