Thematic Area:

Climate Change

  Project Period:

October, 2022-January, 2025

  Donor Agency:
  Project Locations:

Khyber Pukhtunkhwa (KP) and Punjab

Project Goal:

To increase resilience of vulnerable communities with particular focus on women, people with disabilities, youth and children through awareness raising and capacity building.

Project Outputs

1. A range of knowledge products and tools have been developed for general awareness on climate change while focussing on needs of vulnerable population and are available with local authorities for further dissemination and usage.

2. Communities and vulnerable groups i-e women, disable people can understand climate related risks and their impacts on their health and livelihoods and are able to take precautionary and adaptive measures in case of climate emergency.

3.  Youth and children are trained & capacitated to play their part in acting on climate change through individual as well as collective measures.

4. Vulnerable farmers including female farmers have improved access to information on climate-smart practices and are able to use the information for improved productivity and livelihoods.

5. Government departments make informed decisions for improved service implementation.